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The day that was 11th December 2020

“Golf is assuredly a mystifying game. It would seem that if a person has hit a golf ball correctly a thousand times, he should be able to duplicate the performance at will. But such is certainly not the case.” Bobby Jones

Another visit to the majestic Bogor Raya Golf Course saw 19 golfers enjoy a fun day with cool weather and a course in good condition.

Fernando was struggling for form and with his confidence in tatters after the brutal display at Parahyangan was desperate for improvement and was seen grinding at the driving range hitting ball after ball before tee off.

A quick tip from Simon, saw the slice disappear and drive after drive found the fairway and allowed him to attack the greens from the fairway.

A bogey, par and birdie start got his ball rolling as his confidence grew as the round progressed and his wedge play from around the greens with his trusty 50 degree wedge turned many bogey’s into pars and any doubles into bogey’s as he turned in a front 9 39 well on his way to a well deserved best Nett II, 69.

Veronika, welcome back, playing her second flight with JAWS, was consistent all day and showed some great promise especially with her second shots and putting prowess. With a tendency to overswing to get more distance, don’t forget to swing from within yourself, and it was great to see you smiling and singing down the fairways, clearly a sign that you had fun and you were enjoying the moment.

Simon started off well with a trademark drive on the 1st hole and regulation par. Some loose iron play especially on the par 3’s leaked too many strokes and several putts grazed the hole on what could have been.

A crafty par from the trees on hole #5, index 1, will be remembered. A pushed drive found the ball resting behind the trees wide out right by the cart path, with 160m and a small gap in the trees he resisted to knife an iron a la Ballesteros towards the green, risking a potential triple or double par. Instead he opted to chip back onto the fairway with a wedge leaving 125 yards to the back pin from a flat lie in the middle of the fairway.

A well struck pitching wedge was all over the pin skipping and checking 12 ft short of the pin, with an uphill putt. The subsequent putt was knocked in with conviction for a very satisfying par and a gentle reminder sometimes you just need to take your medicine, keep the ball in play, and your patience will be rewarded.

Starting hole 10, Jens, Chris, Bobby and Paulus played in the same flight. When Paulas hit his first drive there was a BIG ‘WOW’ from the group as it sailed into the dark skies. Paulas hit enormous drives all day but was let down by his short game and could have scored much lower. Jens was also driving well and made a Gross 44 on the first 9 holes.

He then struggled on the back 9 with too many doubles. Chris hit the ball well but was let down by chipping and putting but then recovered well on the back 9 with a respectful Gross 44. Bobby drove straight and long all day and started well with 4 pars in a row but then struggled on the par 3’s to record a Gross 86.

Overall, a fun game of golf.

A fun day out for the four some of Ronald , Parman , Pras and Divya. With great weather and the jester of the group, Parman, the game was about good times , great company and friendships.

This of course inspired great scores with Pras having his best round in the last few months and scoring the best Nett of 66 on the day. Roland on the other hand was a keen observer of the skill of golf with a tip or two here and there.

Parman himself played well with his name on the leaderboard and Divya played an average round despite 3 days of exhaustive travelling and golfing. Overall a fantastic time for everyone.

Playing together were Ardi, Hari Taufik, Aldi and Fathul. Both Hari Taufik and Aldi played well with Aldi playing to his handicap and making a Gross 36 on the front 9, with a par on every hole.

Taufik played one below his handicap, Gross 82 and was second overall. Both Ardi and Fathul were playing for their handicaps with Ardi making a Gross 39 on the back 9 and a birdie on hole 10. Despite some light rain, a fun game of golf.

Yudi, Aulia, Fuad and Riki played in the same group. Aulia was playing his first game with JAWS and enjoyed his game despite his high score and there is a lot of improvement for the future. Riki played a good front 9 but scored higher on the back 9.

Fuad was consistent throughout with a Gross 43 and Gross 42 and 6 pars. Yudi struggled on the front 9 but then played well on the back 9 with a Gross 43 to shoot 5 over.

Lots of fun and laughter in the group.

Congratulations to the winners

1.Pras, Nett 66

2.Fernando, Nett 69

3.Hari Taufik, Nett 71

4.Parman, Nett 74

Lucky Draw

Voucher for Gunung Geulis: Fathul

Vouchers for Cengkareng: Fuad, Aldi and Ardi.

A BIG thank you to the Bogor Raya Team for taking care of us again and organising a successful event.

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